ART has always been part of my life.
It is my personal means of expression, of reaching out,
of sharing my world and the wonder I find within it.

The marvels of nature infuse my work, whether realistic or abstract.
I am blessed, now, to live by the sea, where endless horizons meet
marvelous sunrises and the sound of the gull, the heron, the crane mingle
with the music of wind whistling in the palms.  

Every turn in my life brings new inspiration.  My art is a delightful journey of never ending exploration. I find joy in each experience and delight when the viewer findS Something within my work  that reaches out to them.  I will never paint  all the things  that call to me but I shall surely try.   Enjoy

Anita Diebel is recognized for her sensitive water-media and collage paintings that resonate with layers of color and texture.  An intuitive painter, her work evolves from an inner spirit as she responds to the interaction of colors and shapes, line and rhythm.

Each painting is the combination of many layers: painted, collaged,
obscured, found, hidden, enhanced and melded into the whole as the many events in our lives  serve to make us who we are, a combination of that which has gone before, that which we experience and that of which we dream.

Diebel's paintings hang in private and corporate collections throughout
the US and abroad. Her work has been honored with awards at local,
national and international levels.  She has attained signature status in
Texas Watercolor Society, Southwest Watercolor Society and Western Federation of Watercolor Society.
Anita Diebel
Anita Diebel
is represented by
Wind Way Gallery
Rockport, Texas

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